We provide radio, film, and TV production, column and feature writing, tailored PR and marketing, policy development in social care and education, workshops on decolonisation and digitisation as well as curatorial services for immersive exhibitions.

Radio, film and TV production of documentaries and interviews that explore historical and social themes, shedding light on untold stories and diverse perspectives
Column and feature writing covering Black music, history, civil rights, reparations, and the origins of Hip-Hop, featuring influential figures like Gil Scott-Heron and The Last Poets
Public relations and marketing services with tailored strategies, effective campaigns and engaging content to help your message reach the right audience
Policy development and implementation around child social care, higher education and diversity equality and inclusion as well as reparations and reparative justice
Workshops for corporate, academic and cultural sector clientele on decolonisation, digitisation of archives and digital migration strategies
Curatorial services for exhibitions using a combination of physical and digital artefacts to create immersive technological exhibits and visitor experiences

BBC Interview

A £100 million investment fund set up to address the Church of England's links to transatlantic slavery is too small and slow, according to a new report which calls for a target of £1 billion. Copyright BBC News 2024


Mark Walters: In the footsteps of Andrew Watson

Former Rangers player Mark Walters looks back at his career with the Glasgow club to assess the racism he faced while playing for them. (2021 - Broadcast 2023) for BBC Scotland. Watch here.


RTS Scotland Award

Documentary and Specialist Factual History (2022). Mark Walters: In the footsteps of Andrew Watson. Read more here.


Productions and biography in film

Abdul Malik Al Nasir directed "Word Up," featuring Gil Scott-Heron and Jalal Nuriddin, and produced the Hustlers Convention 40th Anniversary concert. Malik is an Associate Producer for the "Hustlers Convention" documentary. Discover more here.


My ancestors were both slaves and slave owners

When Malik Al Nasir saw Victorian footballer Andrew Watson’s photo he was stunned at the resemblance between them. It set him on a journey to discover his own complicated history. (Broadcast 2020) for BBC World Service. Listen here.

Column and feature writing

Malik Al Nasir

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Photo credit: Peter Chin


Partnership with The National Library of Scotland

Fitba Research Club (2023). Read more here.


From care to Cambridge

For corporate client - CEL Solicitors (2023). Read more here.


Critical thinking in English

Talk and workshop for St John Bosco Arts College (6th Form - 2023). Read more here.


Letters to Gil by Malik Al Nasir - implications for child social care

For The Brigstow Institute at University of Bristol (2021).


Colonial legacies of the Liverpool Sandbach Family

For The Walker Art Gallery (2022). Read more here.


University of Cambridge Vice Chancellors Award

Global Social Impact (2023). Malik Al Nasir. Read more here.


Cambridge Student Awards

Widening Access and Participation (2023). Malik Al Nasir and Rhiannon Jones. Read more here.


Cambridge Society for Applied Research

CSAR Ph.D. Student Awards For Applied Research. (2024). Malik Al Nasir. Read more here.


Doctor of Letters

Doctor of Letters (D.Litt. honoris causa). Liverpool Hope University Graduation Ceremony (July 2024). Read more here.