Ordinary Guy £8.99

Mark T. Watson's debut collection of poetry entitled "Ordinary Guy" charts the life of an extraordinary young man in search of truth, who by a twist of fate, has the good fortune to not only meet some of the most revolutionary poets of the age, but to also befriend them, work with them and study his art under their very tuition. More info
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Tabbs & Bouncer £3.99

The story is aimed at 3-5 year olds and charts the adventures of two cats; Tabbs, who lives in a stately home and ally cat Bouncer who lives in a cave in Sefton Park More info
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Ayesha's Rainbow £9.99

Set in Tower Hamlets in the East End of London during times of racial tension a little Asian girl befriends the mother of neo fascist living next door and a whole plethora of intrigue, plots and tragedy ensues.More info
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Word Up

DVD comming soon.

Title: "Word Up" (documentary)

Publisher: Fore-Word Press Ltd.

Format: PAL Region 2.

Producer / Director: Shirani Sabaratnam. (Producer of Channel 4's Tha' Flava).

Associate Producer: Malik Al Nasir

Gil Scott and The Last Poets interviews on Mark T. Watson (Malik) and the origins of RAP.

Revolutionary poets and founders of contemporary RAP music, Gil Scott Heron and legendary Last Poet Jalal Nuriddin have come together in an unprecedented exclusive to endorse Mark T. Watson's poetry book “Ordinary Guy” and forthcoming CD's which feature both artists.

The book is a tribute to these living legends, who have been sampled by Melle Mel, Nas, Public Enemy, Tupac and many more and who have performed with Jimi Hendrix, Richie Havens, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Adrian Sherwood, Bill Laswell, Jamiroquai and others too numerous to mention here.

The CD's part 1 and 2 will be released in autumn of this year by Fore-Word Press and promise to cause some excitement in the industry. They feature a total of 33 tracks, all featured in the book and divided across 2 CD's. The first features an introduction by Gil Scot Heron where he narrates the intro to the book. It also features Gil's rendition of one of Mark's poems “Black & Blue”.

If that wasn't enough, the endorsements continue in a way previously unheard of, not only does Jalal of the legendary Last Poets feature on the CD and in the book, but he actually wrote a poem specifically for Mark which forms both the Fore-Word to the book and a featured track on the album. The poem “Malik's Mode” is about Mark's meeting with the Last Poets and his conversion to Islam (Malik) under their direct tutelage.

A host of exceptional artists feature in this all-star line up, including Jamaican percussionist Larry McDonald, Jazz drummer Rod Youngs and production from “The Secretary of Entertainment – Robbie Gordon” with guest vocalist Robbie (Butcher) Awok (Ghost 2000 / Bully Rag).

This historic coming together of these revolutionary poets and musicians is not only unique; it's long overdue. Ordinary Guy has provided the catalyst for this historic union and will no doubt be the beginning of many more fruitful collaborations on the Fore-Word Press label.

Not wishing to leave fans without a visual account of these revolutionary moments, Fore-Word Press have commissioned seasoned documentary producer Shirani Sabaratnam - producer of the UK's Channel Four's Tha Flava” - to produce the accompanying documentary entitled “Word Up” - Spoken word poetry in the UK and the USA - along with co-producers Robbie Gordon and Fore-Word's own Malik Al Nasir. It is due for broadcast towards the end of 2005 and will correspond with a release of the same on DVD, complete with out-takes of additional footage and a soundtrack derived from DC flavored re-mixes by Robbie Gordon of some of the tracks on the Ordinary Guy Part 1 & 2 CD's.

The DVD also includes in depth interviews with Jalal of The Last Poets in Paris, Gil Scott Heron in the USA, UK dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah and Jazz drummer Rod Youngs in London, about their feelings on the history of RAP, the spoken word genre among black political poets and how Mark T. Watson's work has evolved and emerged within the genre. The DVD also features Mark T. Watson's interview with BBC Radio's Roger Philips and narrative on Liverpool and slavery, French colonialism and American so-called democracy. The accompanying book features comments from Eddie Amoo (The Real Thing) and Pete Wylie (The Mighty Wah).

The thematic approach to the political polemic which forms the content of this poetry, revolves around black history, global politics, oppression, slavery and the articulation of the pain engendered by the same among the poetic troubadours of the art form of RAP which now out sells all other types of performance art but which has evolved into something far more commercial and far less revolutionary than its founders intended.

Rights held: Worldwide.

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